Coombabah Creek from the Esplanade.
The Gold Coast has some hidden scenic places that are almost forgotten about. It is rewarding to search these spots out and finds something special.
I hope the residents don't mind me sharing this little spot in Coombabah on the North end of the Gold Coast.

The day I visited, there was not much of a sunset but the place offers get great camera angles across the water for sunset and you see the Tamborine Mountains in the distance against the setting sun.

The image was taken with my Sigma Quattro DP1 and its Foveon sensor. The camera is excellent capturing that fine detail. I took 3 Bracketed shots 2.3 stops apart to capture the full range of tones, difficult when shooting into the setting sun.
I also took sets of 3 more for the foreground and 3 more for the sky panning the tripod up and down  and being careful to overlap the images by 50%. The sets of 3 image were then blended with a combination of method to get a base image with a wider range of tones. All were then stitched together with Photoshop to create a vertical Panorama. Luminosity masks and other selective tweaks were made to come up with this result.